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Business in tune with the times

QR-menu is one of the solutions offered by the TVbit Information System. When maintaining social distance becomes a vital rule, the paper menu and communication with a waiter become history. Visitors should no longer use brochures that have been in hands of other people. Replace the printout of multiple menu copies with one single QR code that can be placed anywhere. Having read it using their smartphone cameras visitors will receive an interactive and always up-to-date menu directly on their phone, and will also be able to place an order there.

The menu in hands of every visitor instantly

There is no need to download an app, login or remember the password. The menu opens right after scanning the QR code, without any additional steps to take and is available to every smartphone owner

The visitor no longer has to wait for the menu. He will sit down at the table and can immediately see what the restaurant is offering today.
The visitor capacity of the tables is increased by 40%

65out of 100 visitors do not want to contact the waiter directly

Additional benefits of QR-menu

Edit menu online

Promotions, special offers, business lunches or simply changes in the menu. Easy to edit online by any team member. The menu can be easily customized to match your corporate color and style. The visitor always sees only relevant information

Using the QR-menu you can:

• Increase visitor capacity
• Optimize waiters working hours
• Increase order amounts
• Increase the attendance of the restaurant
• Simplify the ordering process
• Reduce printing costs

How to use the QR-menu?

Create a menu in your personal account in the TVbit service. You can add all the information you need about each dish

Customize the appearance of the menu in accordance with your corporate identity. Choose whether to display photos of dishes

Display the menu with a QR code on your screens or print it out on any convenient medium, such as stickers

That’s all! Take orders digitally and increase your profits with the TVbit system!

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Need help?

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